injury, Iniesta Absent 3 Will Reportedly Week via livescore 123

iniestaruizSenior Barcelona midfielder Andres Iniesta will be pulled over a few times. Iniesta touted right calf injury that will see him out in the next four games.

Injury was obtained when Iniesta playing for Barca defeat his eternal rival, Real Madrid 1-3 at the Santiago Bernabeu on Saturday. The Spain international was pulled out when pertandinganberjalan 72 minutes.

According to local media, the US, says that Iniesta has been undergoing examination on Sunday (26/10). Reportedly by 123 livescore soccer  took at least three weeks for Iniesta to re-sod.

“I began my recovery time to be ready as soon as possible with the team,” Iniesta chirping in his twitter account.

In this way, Iniesta sidelined ready when Barcelona against Espanyol in the Catalan Cup, Celta Vigo and Almeria in the League as well as the trip to Ajax Amsterdam in the Champions League.

Additionally, Iniesta may also still be sidelined defend the Spanish national team against Belarus in advanced as well as the 2016 European Cup Qualifying test match against Germany.

Waiting The Fast Runner in Front Line The Gunners

alexisarsenalibefore the arrival of Alexis Sanchez and Danny Welbeck, Arsenal already have fast players in Theo Walcott himself. The Gunners now have three and Walcott can not wait to play with my immediate Sanchez and Welbeck.

Never doubt how Walcott in dribbling ability to remember, speed is the player’s signature weapon is 25 years old. Already so it’s not surprising scored after doing sprints near the penalty box.

Walcott himself broke Thierry Henry’s record run that 4.72 seconds for 40 meters, before broken by Manchester United youngster Hector Bellerin.

2014/2015 season, Walcott will have a new competitor once someone well versed in terms of speed and have enough instinct scorer okay. They are Sanchez and Welbeck.

Sanchez is also positioning itself as Walcott, ie wing attacker and got the okay acceleration time in the field. Meanwhile, although the positioning striker Welbeck also had the speed but not least good thing.

The striker is what will be the capital Arsenal to compete in various competitions this season. With this model as a target man Olivier Giroud and Yaya Sanogo, the presence of Walcot et al. it can enrich their team game.

This surefire make Walcott can not wait to play again soon recover from the injury


“I hope we will have a front row of the fastest in the Premier League.’s Fun times,” Walcott said as quoted by the Mirror.

“What can we get from winning the FA Cup last year was able to bring great players to this club. Hopefully this will make Arsenal won many trophies,” he continued.

“These players are very, very fast. They will be fit for this team. Alexis can adapt quickly, Danny is a good player. I’ve me to play with him in the UK. Danny is a hard worker. Always perform optimally when he played.”

“I do not know what the manager plan but hopefully this will make us better as well as raising the level of competition.”

“It really makes the club became excited. When you look at how much money has been spent. We did not spend a lot of money in the last few seasons, but Arsenal had done everything right and spend it wisely,” said Walcott.



Last Defense Citizens Yazidi Against ISIS


BAGHDAD, Having driven from Sinjar by militants ISIS, Yazidi minority gathered at the holy place them and prepare to leave Iraq forever.

As they gathered in their shrine on Tuesday (12/08/2014) afternoon, residents who survived the Yazidis of Sinjar town has one subject, namely how to get out of Iraq, leaving homeland and their temples forever.

The Arabs there are in the west, east, and south of us,” said Sardar Barpiri (35 years), refugees fleeing the terror militant Islamic countries, or which is known by the name of ISIS. Barpiri now ensconced in a dark alley Yazidi holy shrine, the Temple of Sheikh Adi. They kill us, we all. Whether it is Islamic or anything else, they just want to kill us.”

We will never come home,” said Firaz Falas. Does that mean (we) will go to England, Germany, America, or anywhere else, we will not be back. We were targeted because of our religion. Nothing more to say.”

Yazidi minorities have been living in the barren hilly area for several generations. However, after their expulsion from Sinjar to the west, which is the biggest center of their population, the temple seems to be the last defense.

About a hundred members of the local militia armed guard makeshift temple of Sheikh Adi ISIS possibility of militant attacks that are a few miles away, in the plain below. Militants stormed the Sinjar ten days ago, to make the people who get away with murder fled to the mountains in starvation conditions.

Now residents fear that Lalish Yazidis, a place where there is a temple of the Yazidi by ISIS assessed as a pagan temple to be destroyed, be the next target. The refugees knew from experience what would happen.

Dakhil Sedo Khero (35 years) fled to the temple near the place, Sheikh Amadin, with his family when he saw ISIS militants stormed the village. Through his binoculars, he saw the militants set up checkpoints on the road below. They stopped a number of families at the checkpoint,” he said. Militants ISIS families put it on the side of the road and shot them, one by one. Then, I see something else. Militants brought a bulldozer and dug a grave, and put the bodies there.”

Khero hiding in the temple and then fled to the mountains in the opposite direction of the militants, passes their position over the two days. Then, in his escape, he hid in another temple, until the temple was also attacked ISIS.

He, his wife, their seven children, and 40 other members of his extended family, ran again, to the mountain, while the Iraqi jets bombed militant positions until they finally join the thousands of people who fled through the Syrian Yazidi back to the safe placeKurdistan .

Residents Yazidis have been persecuted in Turkey and Syria. At the time of Saddam Hussein in Iraq, the Yazidi people become poor lower-class citizens in one of the most arid regions of the country. Their beliefs, which upholds figure Tawus Malek, Peacock Angel“, which identified Muslims as demons, have made them like a ghost to their neighbors for years.

Aggressor them now is only the most ruthless of their enemies.

Lalish Shekhan located above the city, the second largest center of population today after Yazidis of Sinjar. Last week, after escaping from Sinjar, tens of thousands of people fled to Shekhan. Two days later they go from there, along with many natives, after rumors circulated in the city that ISIS was on his way. In that event, they stopped, or suspended, at the foot of the mountains. Some people return to the city.

At the top of the mountain, 200 families have been displaced, said the pastor in charge there, Baba Chawish. He said their children were dressed colorfully clustered in the only way in Lalish.

Chawish pastor said, he would never leave that place. We are a religion, we do not want to fight anyone,” he said. Why did they kill us? However, I will never leave here.’s My home, it’s for us as Mecca for Muslims. Sinjar far from here, and I will stay.”

In the temple the women come and go, cry and do Yazidi rituals.

We little people,” said Khero. We do not have an army to protect us, no weapons. We want to protect us, in England and America. However, we think we want to leave this country.”

Robin Williams Bodies Will Go through the Toxicology Testing


CALIFORNIA,   The results of a preliminary investigation on the death of Robin Williams shows information that the actor allegedly hanged himself using a belt. Local police stated that they would soon conduct toxicology tests on the body of Williams.

The test will be performed to check if there are certain substances in the blood,” said Deputy Chief Coroner‘s Office Marin County, California, United States, Lt. Keith Boyd, Tuesday (12/08/2014), as quoted by CNN.

As reported previously, Boyd said that Williams was the last seen by his wife still live in conditions on Sunday (10/08/2014) at around 22:00 local time. It is not known when Williams went into the bedroom after that.

Williams‘s wife left home on Monday (08/11/2014) at around 10:00 local time assuming Williams is still sleeping. As for Williams‘s body was found by his assistant in one of the rooms in the house Williams on Monday at around 11:45 local time.

Assistant Williams suspects that something happened because there was no response from inside the room when he knocked on the door. The assistant then entered the room and found Williams had not reacted.

On the side of the body of Williams, who circled his neck belt, found a pocket knife with blood. Williams left arm hurt also found shallow.

Boyd said the toxicology tests to check whether Williams affected drugs or alcohol when he died. However, Boyd added, these tests will take weeks of time to obtain the final result.

“I lost my husband and best friend, when the whole world lost a very loved artist and a good man,” said the wife of Williams, Susan Schneider. As he is in the memories (us), we hope that our focus is not on the death of Robin, but the countless moments of joy and laughter that he gave to us.”

Celine Dion Takes Indefinite Break to Focus on Health and Family


Los Angeles – For some time we have to be willing to lose Celine Dion going from the world of music.

Associated Press reported on Wednesday (13/08/2014), Celine Dion has canceled all stage schedule. It says the AP, Dion wants to focus health care, health husband who is in the process of cancer treatment, as well as raising her three children.

The singer of My Heart will Go On this cancels all concerts that have been scheduled until March 22, 2015, including plans to Asia concert tour later this year and regular concerts at The Colosseum at Caesars Palace hotel and casino, Las Vegas. Similarly, Celine Dion concert promoter announced Wednesday.

In the announcement, Celine Dion, 46, also said, I want to give you all the strength that I have a husband for healing, and to do that, it is important for me to dedicate my time for her and the children.” He said also, I want to apologize to all my fans wherever they are, because it makes them upset, and want to thank you for your love and support.”

Celine husband, Rene Angelil, dketahui suffering from throat cancer. December last year Rene underwent surgical removal of the cancer. Celine said, since it is difficult to divide the time between caring for her husband and a solid gig schedule. [read about throat cancer here]

Meanwhile, the Canadian singer was also in the process of recovering from acute laryngitis, which had forced him to cancel a concert in Las Vegas on July 29.

Reportedly Huffington Post, fans who already bought tickets Celine Dion concert will receive a refund process.

The Grammy-winning singer began five regular gig in Las Vegas since 2003 Every concert filled by 4 thousand spectators. Celine Dion has three children, Rene Charles, 13 years old, and the twins, Eddy and Nelson, 3 years.

Twitter will be Overflow Video Ads


Tweeps, ready just find Promoted videos on your favorite microblogging site. Twitter itself has been tested Video Card in services.

This feature can play and present a streamlined video viewing experience in touch timeline of Twitter users. Claimed Twitter, the results of trials that involve the user can do better. The number of video viewers even more than before.

After months of testing and getting feedback from the users and the variety of brands, Twitter is pleased to announce a beta test of the features or Promoted Video Ads Video,” Twitter said via a statement on Thursday (08/14/2014).

Twitter explained, this feature will allow the brand to upload and distribute its videos on Twitter, as well as measure the reach and effectiveness of the video content.

In order to facilitate a campaign, we now offer advertisers an easy to run ads with models purchase advertising Cost Per View (CPV) is new,” said Twitter promotion.

Interesting, since this means that the advertiser is only charged when Twitter users began to watch the video. The advertisers are using video advertising have access to properly analyze the video, like the audience to know the percentage and comparison of organic and paid video.

In addition, to take heart advertisers, Twitter also extend the trial period of the native video solution with content publishers selected and Twitter users are already verified.

The whole purpose of this feature is to present the video to the timeline of the user, in order to create a more personal bond between the brand and Twitter users.

Video is a medium that is a very good story to tell you something. We are proud to provide a convenience for the brands, publishers and users of Twitter that has been verified for organic and distribute videos Promoted Videos,” Twitter said.